Basic calculations in Electronics

My motivation to do this project was to learn Java scripts but also to make basic calculations easier.

Both decimal point and comma are ok but not k, M, m etc.

❶    Two resistor (inductors) parallel or two capacitors in series,   R = R1*R2 / (R1+R2)

The units can be any but the same for both.

❷    Reactance X of a capacitor / Ω,         X = 1/2/PI/F/C

Give capacitance C in pF ..and..frequency F in MHz

If capacitor is given in nF, frequency shall be in kHz. Also combination uF and Hz works fine.

❸    Reactance X of an inductor / Ω,       X = 2* PI * F * L

Give inductance L in uH.....and...frequency F in MHz

❹    Resonance frequency,       F = 1/2/PI/SQRT(L*C)

Give inductance L in uH....and...capacitance C in pF

❺    From reactance X to component value L or C

Give reactance X in ohms and frequency F in MHz

Coil value is or capacitor

❻    Ohm's law calculator * ,       U = I * R and P = U * I

Volt (U)
Amp (I)
Ohm (R)
Watt (P)

Give only two values and "Calculate". The other two will be shown.
"Clear" register before next calculation.

* This compact Ohms law calculator was taken from LA0EM's page.

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