dB is a convenient unit to express power, voltage or current relations. As dB has logaritmic scale it has a wide dynamic range with minimal number of digits. In amateur radio and analog electronics it is widely used. This Java script page replaces my similar dB-page from 2009 made with Excel tables.

Give the number to be converted. Also negative dB-values work. Push Calculate-button. All available results as listed below will be come out. There are conversions to both directions, db to abs and abs to dB. Both decimal point and comma are ok but not k, M, m etc. NaN means no result.

1a.     From power ratio P1/P2 ➜ dB :  

1b.     From voltage ratio U1/U2 ➜ dB :  

2a.     Power level dBm ➜ Watts :  

2b.     Power level dBm ➜ voltage Vrms/50 Ω :  

2c.     Power level dBm ➜ voltage Vpp/50 Ω :  

3a.   S-units ➜ dBm :         [S-units only between 0-9]

3b.   S-units ➜ voltage uV/50 Ω :  

4a.     dB ➜ power ratio P1/P2:  

4b.     dB ➜ voltage ratio U1/U2:  

5.     Power/Watts ➜ dBm :  

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