My call history, 60 years of amateur radio

OH6VC, from 1962 to 1972 and again from 2022 on. First licensed in November 1962 in novice class. I was 14 years old. My tutor was Voitto OH6UG. General class license was given in 1963. The call changed to OH1TV in 1972. I applied and got OH6VC back in 2022. Kind of remembering old good times, 60 years later...

OH1TV, from 1972 on. This is today my main call. Changed to this call in November 1972 when I moved to call area OH1. I worked in cable TV industry that time.

OH2KCU, from 1992 to 1996. When I moved to call area OH2 in 1992, I was given this call sign. Soon thereafter the call area system was changed to be voluntary only. I dropped this call. Just few 100 QSO's were logged.

OH1WX, from 2004 on. I acquired this call for QRP operations in 2004. This call helps me to get through with QRP even OH1TV or OH1O is already in the log of the DX station. I worked in weather instrumentation business.. I'm the second holder of OH1WX call.

OH1O, from 2008 on. Single letter suffixes became available in January 2008. I wanted something easy to remember and visually nice. I'm retired now, O could mean also old...

Together with Pekka OH2YY we have made some DX-peditions:

Christmas Island VK9XM

Our first one was to Christmas Island in 2012. Our call was VK9XM.

Bhutan A52O

In 2014 we went to Bhutan. QTH was in Paro and the call A52O.


Spratly Islands was in 2016 and our call 9M0O. VDA's were good.

To Lord Howe Island we went in 2015 and our call was VK9LC.

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Pekka Ketonen. Updated 25.8.2023