My vintage radios

Collins A-line

Collins A-line, from late 1950's. AM and CW, not SSB yet. Famous Collins mechanical filter in the receiver IF.

Collins C-line

Kachina 505DSP from late 1990's, Collins C-line early 1960's. This particular set was used by SRAL OH2A in the 1960's and 1970's, Hammarlund SP-600 from early 1950's

Hallicrafters line

Hallicrafters HT32 and SX100, from late 1950's. First generation of SSB with XTAL-filter in TX but RX still with LC-filters The receiver was given by Rich K7ZV and transmitter by Martti OH2BH.

Drake C-line

Signal One used by OH2BH, Drake C-line, Golden Key, from 1970's. I used to operate Drake C-line in the 1970's but this pair is not the same.


RP65, Finnish amateur receiver from late 1950's, from flea market


Pekka Ketonen. Updated 28.2.2022